Library Services

Technology Services

➣ Computers

The Washington County Public Library has several Public Access Computers available for use. All patrons intending to use the computer and internet facilities will abide by the Library’s Internet and Computer Use Policies. Violations of library policies will be dealt with in a serious and appropriate manner. Illegal acts involving library computer resources may also be subject to prosecution by local, state or federal authorities.

The library computers cannot be reserved and are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

To log in to the computers, patrons use their library card barcode number as their user ID. Computer sessions are automatically set to one (1) hour. Patrons may request additional time to be added to their session by a library staff member.

We ask that you silence your cell phone and keep conversation to a minimum. If you need to listen to something on the computer, please bring a pair of head phones with you or you may check out a pair at the Circulation Desk. No food or drinks are allowed at the computer stations.

Computers are loaded with a variety of software, including the Microsoft Office suite. Please note that for your privacy and security, when you log off of a library computer any documents or files you saved on the computer will be lost. If you want to save files for later use, e-mail the files to yourself or bring a USB flash drive to store them.

➣ Public Wireless Internet

Public Wi-Fi is available throughout both library buildings and most of our parking lots. Choose “WCLibrary Free WiFi” on your phone, tablet, or laptop to connect. You will be sent to our Facebook Internet Check-In page. You can choose to log in to your Facebook account, or you can select “Skip Check-In”, to continue on to our free internet.

➣ Hotspots

Library patrons with a valid library card and no overdue items and fees that are less than $5.00 may check out a hotspot.

Hotspots are currently being funded under a grant and no charge will be made to check out until March of 2021. After March 2021, there will be a $2.oo per day charge per hotspot.

Checkout will be for 2, 4, 7 or 14 days. While under the grant there is no rental fee. Once the grant has expired, a rental fee will be charged at the rate of $2.00 per day. You must pay the fee before checking out a hotspot. There is also a $2.00 per day late fee that will cap at $50.00.

When checking out a hotspot, you will receive a kit that will contain: box, hotspot, cord, AC adapter and printed instructions. There is a charge for any item not returned or not returned in good condition.

Hotspot kits must be returned inside to a library staff member and NOT put into a book or AV drop. There will be a $5.00 wrong drop fee if returned improperly.

If you encounter any issues with the hotspot, report it to the library staff ASAP.

➣ Printing, Copying and Scanning

The Washington County Public Library has printing and copying facilities available to the public at both library locations. Printing on letter size paper (8-1/2 x 11) costs $0.15 for black & white, and $0.35 per page for color. Payments for printing must be made in advanced before the print job is released. There is a self-serve copy machine at each location. Copies are black & white and $0.15 per page.

If you require any assistance in the printing or copying process, please ask a library staff member.

Our copy machines can scan documents, including color, for free to a USB device. A temporary USB device can be borrowed from the Circulation Desk if you are needing to scan documents to upload or print from one of our computers.

➣ Faxing

Faxing services are available at both library locations. Outgoing faxes are $1.00 per page. If the fax is over 10 pages, the fax is $1.00 per page for the first 10 pages and then $0.50 per page.  Incoming faxes are $0.50 per page.

Patrons over the age of 62 or military service members can send faxes for $0.50 per page.

Our fax machines do not fax front and back. If you have a document that has a back side, you will need to make a copy of it to send. We cannot receive faxes that are larger than letter size (8-1/2 x 11). We do not recommend that you send documents that are larger than letter size, as the receiving entity may not have the ability to print it. If the fax sends on our end, we are not responsible for any errors on the receiving entity’s end. If you are sent a fax for pick up to us, you must do so promptly. You will also be responsible to pay for all pages printed.

    Jonesborough Library Fax #  423-753-1802

    Gray Branch Library Fax #  423-477-1553

Library Conference Rooms

The Washington County Public Library grants the use of the conference rooms at Jonesborough and Gray Branch to community groups and organizations whose aims are educational, cultural or for the civic betterment.

Disclaimer: The fact that a group is permitted to meet at the library does not in any way constitute endorsement of the group’s policies or beliefs.

➣ Application Process

Anyone who wishes to use the conference rooms must submit an application. Applications are available at the circulation desk, or one can be filled out online:

  ❯  Jonesborough Meeting Room Application

  ❯  Gray Branch Meeting Room Application

NOTICE: These are applications for a request to use our meeting rooms only. Your request may denied or revoked for any reason, including but not limited to overlapping dates and times of already scheduled events, reason for room use does not comply with our usage policies, or you are a previous user who did not comply with our policies and/or blocked from further use.

➣ Denied Use

Conference rooms are not available for social occasions; partisan political meetings; religious services; sales or commercial purposes; when an admission fee is charged; any purpose that is prohibited by law; or when, in the judgement of the Board of Trustees, normal library usage would be compromised.

➣ Deposits and Fees

A deposit fee of $10.00 will be charged for each use of the conference rooms. If extraordinary cleaning is not required; the key is returned; and equipment and furnishings are not damaged, the deposit will be returned.

Groups of which the Library is a member will not be charged a fee. Service organizations and the city, county and state governments are not required to pay the room fee; however, they are responsible for any damages or cleaning that the room requires after use.

➣ Equipment

Equipment is available to assist you. You must request the equipment in advanced. Some equipment may require the presence of library personnel to set up. If a problem occurs with any equipment, notify the library staff. Do not attempt to troubleshoot problems yourself. If you damage equipment while attempting “repairs”, you will be assessed repair and/or replacement fees.